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Automated Most Advanced Plant from Buhler(Germany)

Automated Most Advanced Plant from Buhler(Germany)

Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) and RO Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

The major complaint of smell from Indian rice was reported coming from customers before. So we installed advanced ETP and RO plant by which Aeroplane Rice products are 100% free from any bad smell which isn't available with any other rice exporter in India.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

Our latest plant from Buhler, Germany is very efficient and latest in delivering best products from Rice Processing.

Sortex Plant

Sortex at Amritsar Plant

The sortex plant set up for processing and ensuring flawless quality of every grain of rice and meet the highest international standard, is fully equipeed with the latest and most innovative state of art machinery. This plant is one of the India's finest, conforming to International standards of excellence in hygiene and quality. It is equipped with Pearling from Satahe (Japan), De Stones from Yanmar(Japan), Gravity Seperators from Career Day (Canada), length graders from Carter Day (Canada), color sortec from Buhler (Germany) and Satahe (Japan) and other high-tech equipments and is also facilated with a modern lab for stringent quality control. We have also the latest 16MT per hour Color Sortex from Satahe (Japan). It has the sorting capacity of 350 tonnes per day.

Automated Most Advanced Plant from Japan (Satake)

Satake at Amritsar Plant

Amir Chand Jagdish Kumar (Exports) Ltd, employs excellent and latest technology for production and quality control of Aeroplane Basmati Rice. One amongst is the all new 841G from Satahe (Japan).

The Satahe Color Master is the foremost in the grain world. Keeping with the ongoing commitment to provide the best of latest technology for the Grain Industry, Satahe Corportaion has developed the all new 841G Satahe (Japan) using the most advanced technology in vision optics. The state-of-art electronics using micro-processors controls and very high speed ejectors detects even the minutely contaminated grains which are undetectable with the conventional sorters.

Satahe 841G value-added features involve:

  • New innovative Color-Sensitive Technology
  • New range of capacitors from 2TPH to 16TPH.
  • New LCD Touch Panel Controls for user friendly operations.
  • New Ejector technology for Superfine Rejection.

It is suitable for Paraboiled Rice, Non Paraboiled Rice, Removal of Chalky Grains from White Rice, Brown Rice and other cereals/seeds etc.

Added Benefits:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Lower Air Consumtption
  • Lower Running Cost per ton

Carbon Green Environment Friendly Factories

All our plants are UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) certified ( reference project number 7649 because we don't pollute the environment by giving out harmful gases as we use smoke free / Carbon Monoxide free renewable sources of Biomass for our production by also which we generate our own electricity.